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A Synopsis of the Spring Quarter (March - May 2020) Bible Study Lessons.

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Spring 2020


Quarter At A Glance

Honoring God

All too frequently we feel the sneaky satisfaction of having gotten away with something. And our choices often convey to others that we are the most important people in our lives. We feel secure because of what we own or who we know; when trouble comes, we try to solve our own problems by way of people and stuff. In this quarter we'll see that Israel looks as familiar as our reflection in the mirror.
It’s time to leave those things behind and trust in God. It’s time to show through our actions that we follow God only.

As we demonstrate God’s righteous and just character in our actions, we also must expose the injustice inflicted on the powerless by oppressive people and systems. But we don’t just draw people to God as an abstract. Rather, we draw people to the living Jesus. To reject this mission is to risk experiencing God in ways we will not like.


Unit 1: God Requires Justice

Lesson 1, March 1 - A Call to Accountability - Amos 5:18–24

Lesson 2, March 8 - A Prayer for Justice - Habakkuk 1:1–4, 12–14

Lesson 3, March 15 - Consequences for Injustice - Habakkuk 2:6–14

Lesson 4, March 22 - An Argument Against Corruption - Micah 3:1–3, 9–12; 6:6–8

Lesson 5, March 29 - Need for Just Leaders - Malachi 2:1–9; 3:5, 6


Unit 2: God Promises a Just Kingdom

Lesson 6, April 5 - A Just Servant - Isaiah 42:1–9

Lesson 7, April 12 - A Resurrected Savior - 1 Corinthians 15:1–8, 12–14, 20–45

Lesson 8, April 19 - An Executed Scoundrel - Esther 7:1–10

Lesson 9, April 26 - A Justice-Loving God - Isaiah 61:8–11; 62:2–4a


Unit 3: Called to God’s Work of Justice 

Lesson 10, May 3 - Prophesying Restoration - Zephaniah 3:14–20

Lesson 11, May 10 - Promising Peace - Zechariah 8:1–8, 11–17

Lesson 12, May 17 - Practice Justice - Jeremiah 21:8–14

Lesson 13, May 24 - Repent of Injustice - Jeremiah 22:1–10

Lesson 14, May 31 - Pursue Love and Justice - Hosea 11:1, 2, 7–10; 12:1, 2, 6–14


  Diligent study of these lessons will not only bless you spiritually, but also aid you in discovering God's plan for your own life.

-John Alva Owston

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