Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 38

1. On what Mountain did Aaron die?

Hint: (Numbers 33:39)

A- Mountain Gilead

B- Mountain Seir

C- Mountain Sinai

D- Mountain Hor

2. From where do the prophets describe that the Lord shall reign for ever

Hint: (Isaiah 24:23; Micah 4:7)

A- Mountain of Olives

B- Mountain Zion

C- Mountain Sinai

D- Mountain Carmel

3. Who had the vision of the holy city, New Jerusalem, and describes it for us?

Hint: (Revelation 21:2)

A- Peter

B- Jesus

C- Luke

D- John

4. What provides the city of New Jerusalem with light?

Hint: (Revelation 21:23)

A- The Lamb

B- The moon

C- The sun

D- The stars

5. According to Revelation 22:1, a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeded from...

Hint: (Revelation 22:1)

A- The foundations of the city.

B- The holy Mountain of the lord

C- The throne of God and of the Lamb.

D- The gates, and unto the uttermost parts of the city.

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