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Through the grace of God, this ministry has been a huge success in terms of sharing God's Word, and its dedication to meet the needs of many.

Please consider sharing in our commitment to helping others in need by supporting our Special Feed The Children Project.

If you believe that Jesus Is All Ministries is providing a vital service, please show your support with your gift of $5, $10, 25, or whatever your heart desires. It will be a real help to families in need.

Take A Leap Of Faith

"You give them something to eat." Matthew 14:16

"It takes courage to make a difference, especially when you can't see a way to do it. Christ will lead you into seemingly impossible situations ... don't avoid them. That's where you'll experience God...lf you attempt only things you know are possible with the resources you'll receive the credit and God will have no part in it....Have you received a word that awaits your next step of faith? Proceed, no matter how incredible it seems. You'll experience the joy of seeing God perform a miracle, and so will those around you." (The Word For You Today)

We believe God for the cost of the Feed The Children Truck Sponsorship= $8,100

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Be assured: Jesus Is All Ministries has been fantastically efficient at stretching dollars to maximize ministry ("...faithful and wise steward" Luke 12:42). The Lord is our Master, and a pure, high-quality ministry is our life. With your help we can continue and do much more.

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Jesus is All

We pray that this ministry will be a blessing to you and your family.

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