A Synopsis of the Spring Quarter (March - May 2014) Sunday School Lessons.  

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March - May 2014

Quarter At A Glance 

by Jon Weatherly

  Do you prefer to plan or to improvise? Do you lay out steps in advance, or do you make things up on the fly? Most of us probably move back and forth between planning and improvisation, depending on circumstances.

  But when someone else is in charge, we like to know that this person has a plan. Starting a construction project, we need detailed drawings and blueprints. Riding in a car, we expect the driver to have a route thoughtfully laid out. Invited to a meal, we hope to be served something other than "whatever falls out of the refrigerator."

  Likewise, we hope for a plan in the big picture. Does God have a plan for life, or is it all just random? We hope that there is a plan, especially when life's events seem especially chaotic.

  The Bible vigorously affirms that God has a plan for human life. This quarter's lessons remind us that God's plan has the cross of Christ at the center. As we experience life, we find it filled with discouragements, injustice, and suffering. In Christ God takes all of that on himself, enabling us to have meaning, purpose, and hope that reach beyond the worst of the world and welcomes us into God's eternal kingdom (lesson 1. March 2)

   God's plan is to rule the world through the promised king and son of David, Jesus (lesson 2 March 9). That king was promised as one who would build the house for the true worship of God, whose own throne God would establish forever. Through generations of hope and disappointment, God's faithful people held fast to that promise.

   With Jesus' miraculous birth, marvelous life, torturous death, and triumphant resurrection, God fulfilled His promise. He sent a king who, like His people, was lowly, who ascended the throne as king by freely surrendering His life to those who presumed to rule God's world (lesson 3 March 16).

   Riding a lowly donkey, Christ approached Jerusalem as its king (lesson 5 March 30). He entered Jerusalem's temple as the one who builds the true temple (lesson 6 April 6). Yet He allowed a pagan ruler to mock His royal status and condemn Him to death (lesson 7 April 13).

   What Christ suffered was the punishment that really belongs to us, His people. He lived and died not just in solidarity with His lowly people but as a substitute for His guilty people. They had failed in the face of temptation, but He was victorious (lesson 10 May 4). Their rebellion brought them into bondage, but He brought liberation (lesson 11 May 11). Attempts at self-purification brought them only more blame, but He brought genuine purity (lesson 12 May 18). Only in Christ can a person find the way to fulfill the very purpose for which God created humanity: to love God with all that one is and to love one's neighbor as oneself (lesson 13 May 25).

   When Christ arose from the dead, He revealed the mystery of God's plan (lesson 8 April 20). Several despairing women went to His tomb, believing that His death was but another disappointment, another random event in a world where nothing seems to go according to plan. But Christ was triumphant. He had done what He promised, what God had promised. His death and resurrection fulfilled Scripture, for in His death and resurrection every need and hope of humanity, expressed throughout the story line of the Bible, was met by the fulfilled promise of God (lesson 9 April 27).

   In the end, all of humanity will bow to the king, the Christ enthroned in the highest place. He alone can open the scroll that represents God's plan for the world. He does so as the lamb once slain, now forever triumphant, one day to stand as judge over all (lesson 4 March 23).

   Indeed, life is not random. God has a plan. The plan is Jesus Christ. Everyone needs to know Him.

The Bible vigorously affirms that God has a plan for human life. 


  Diligent study of these lessons will not only bless you spiritually, but also aid you in discovering God's plan for your own life!



Spring 2014


Unit 1: Jesus and the Davidic Covenant 


March 2An Eternal Kingdom2 Samuel 7:4-16  

March 9Son of David Psalm89:35-37; Isaiah 9:6, 7; Matthew 1:18-23

March 6 Peter's ReportPsalm 110:1-4; Acts 2:22-27, 29-32

March 23Worthy Is the LambRevelation 5:5-13




   Unit 2: What the Prophets Foretold 


March 30Triumphant and VictoriousZechariah 9:9, 10; Matthew 21:1-11  

April 6—Jesus Cleanses the Temple Isaiah 56:6, 7; Jeremiah 7:9-11; Mark 11:15-19

April 13A Messianic Priest-KingJeremiah 23:5, 6; Zechariah 6:9-15; John 19:1-5

April 20—The Third Day—Hosea 6:1-3; Luke 24:1-12

April 27From Suffering to GloryIsaiah 53:3-8; Luke 24:25-27, 44-47 27   




      Unit 3: Jesus' Use of Scripture


May 4—Jesus Resists Temptation—Deuteronomy 6:13-16; Matthew 4:1-11

May 11Jesus' Mission on Earth—Isaiah 61:1-3; Luke 4:14-21

May 18—Jesus' Teaching on the Law—Matthew 15:1-11, 15-20

May 25The Greatest CommandmentLeviticus 19:18; Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Mark 12:28-34



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Summary and commentary derived from Standard Lesson Commentary Copyright by permission of Standard Publishing.


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