Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 39

1. To whom did God appear in a gentle breeze and a soft whisper?

Hint: (I Kings 19:9-13)

A- Abraham

B- Moses

C- Noah

D- Elijah

2. Where was Jesus anointed by a grateful woman?

Hint: (Mark 14:3-9)

A- Jericho

B- Bethany

C- Capernaum

D- Nazareth

3. Who was the last king of Judah? He was captured and blinded after witnessing the execution of his sons.

Hint: (2 Kings 24-25)

A- Abijah

B- Uzziah

C- Hezekiah

D- Zedekiah

4. Which of the following was a task of the Kohathites?

Hint: (Numbers 4:1-20)

A- Carry the items used in the sacred tent

B- Carry the sacred tent, its coverings and curtains

C- Carry the tent of meeting

D- Carry the tent frames and support items

5. Who was bribed by the Philistine leaders to get the secret of Samson's amazing strength?

Hint: (Judges 16:4-23)

A- Phoebe

B- Jezebel

C- Delilah

D- Abigail

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