Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 42

1. Esau sold his birthright (the privileges he received for being the firstborn) to his brother Jacob in exchange for what?

Hint: (Genesis 25:32-33)

A- pieces of silver

B- seven sheep

C- a pair of shoes

D- a bowl of stew

2. What did the shepherds see that terrified them when Jesus' birth was announced?

Hint: (Luke 2:13-14)

A- a bright star

B- angels

C- a cloud of fire

D- wolves

3. What did Moses tell the people to do in the beginning of Deuteronomy?

Hint: (Deuteronomy 4:9)

A- offer a sin offering weekly

B- set a guard over the things in their tents

C- pray for a bountiful harvest

D- pass the stories of the things God has done on to their children

4. Who was the wife of Shallum, the keeper of the temple wardrobe? She prophesied that the disaster written on the scroll was going to come true as judgment from God.

Hint: (2 Chronicles 34:22)

A- Huldah

B- Deborah

C- Anna

D- Miriam

5. Who was the grandson of Aaron? His descendants would be God's priests.

Hint: (Numbers 18:1-17; 25:10-13)

A- Abihu

B- Nadab

C- Phinehas

D- Eleazar

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