Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 12

1. What sea did the Israelites cross on dry land?

Hint: (Exodus 13:17 - 14:31)

A- Sea of Galilee

B- Mediterranean Sea

C- Dead Sea

D- Red Sea

2. What did Paul do while he was under house arrest in Rome?

Hint: (Acts 28:30-31)

A- tried to escape

B- wrote a lot of letters

C- begged God to free him

D- drew cartoons

3. The psalmist says that God's Word is more desirable than what?

Hint: (Psalm 19:10)

A- honey

B- precious jewels

C- wine

D- gold

4. Jesus was friends with sisters whose names were ___________________.

Hint: (Luke 10:38-39)

A- Mary and Martha

B- Lydia and Dorcas

C- Rachel and Leah

D- Ruth and Naomi

5. Which of the following did Saul's son Jonathan NOT give to David as a sign of friendship?

Hint: (I Samuel 18:3-4)

A- belt

B- sword

C- helmet

D- bow

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