Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 40

1. Christians are to intercede for one another. What does intercession mean?

Hint: (1 Timothy 2:1)

A- Speaking on someone else's behalf

B- Loving on someone else's behalf

C- Working on someone else's behalf

D- Praying on someone else's behalf

2. What kind of wood was used in the building of Noah's Ark?

Hint: (Genesis 6:14)

A- oak

B- gopher

C- cedar

D- mahogany

3. Who led a rebellion against Moses and Aaron? As a result, the earth opened its mouth and swallowed him, his men and all their possessions.

Hint: (Numbers 16)

A- Manoah

B- Asherl

C- Lamech

D- Korah

4. Which book of the Bible is a collection of poems that depict the sorrow about the destruciton of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.? While the tone is sad, it also includes an inspiring message of God's unfailing love.

A- Lamentations

B- Ezekiel

C- Daniel

D- Hosea

5. Where did Moses go to view Canaan, the Promised Land?

Hint: (Deuteronomy 32:49)

A- Mount Carmel

B- Mount Ararat

C- Mount Nebo

D- Mount Sinai

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