Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 8

1. Who was the silversmith in Ephesus who stirred up a riot against Paul? He made silver shrines of Artemis.

Hint: (Acts 19:24-41)

A- Apollos

B- Felix

C- Philip

D- Demetrius

2. The Feast of Dedication is an eight-day Jewish festival that commemorated the cleansing and rededication of the temple. What is the Feast of Dedication called today?

Hint: (John 10:22)

A- Rosh Chodesh

B- Hanukkah

C- Yom Kippur

D- Sukkot

3. What is an animal fattened for a special occasion such as an offering to God or a banquet called?

Hint: (Psalm 66:15)

A- fatima

B- fatso

C- fatter

D- fatling

4. Where did Joshua and the children of Israel first settle upon entering the Promised Land?

Hint: (Joshua 5:9)

A- Gilgal

B- Jericho

C- Ai

D- Bethel

5. Who was the Old Testament prophet of Judah whose personal name meant "Yahweh saves"?

A- Jeremiah

B- Daniel

C- Isaiah

D- Ezekiel

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