Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 45

1. Where was Paul imprisoned for two years? It was the Roman capital of Palestine.

Hint: (Acts 23:33)

A- Bethlehem

B- Ramallah

C- Surif

D- Caesarea

2. What celebration occurred once a year for the chief priest to make sacrifices for the sins of the nation?

Hint: (Leviticus 16)

A- Sabbath

B- Day of Atonement

C- Purim

D- Passover

3. Which book in the New Testament is a letter that warns against the influence of ungodly and immoral people who claim to have spiritual authority based on visions they received?

A- Philemon

B- Hebrews

C- Titus

D- Jude

4. Who worked with Esther to save the Jewish people from slaughter? He was a cousin and guardian of Esther.

Hint: (Esther 2:5)

A- Mordecai

B- Amnon

C- Reuben

D- Lamech

5. How long did the evil reign of Jehoiachin last?

Hint: (2 Kings 24:6)

A- 3 days

B- 3 weeks

C- 3 months

D- 3 years

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