Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 21

1. Who was a New Testament Pharisee and teacher of the Law, who counseled reasonableness and a wait-and-see approach to whether the message of the apostles was from God or would come to nothing?

Hint: (Acts 5:34-40)

A- Zadok

B- Joseph

C- Nicodemus

D- Gamaliel

2. Where did Jesus heal a man possessed by demons named Legion? It was one of the cities of the Decapolis.

Hint: (Mark 5:1)

A- Damascus

B- Gerasenes

C- Canatha

D- Hippos

3. Who was a wicked king who had his six brothers put to death and practiced idolatry? He was the son of Jehoshaphat.

Hint: (I Kings 22:50)

A- Jehiel

B- Jehu

C- Jehariah

D- Jehoram

4. What is a large brass bowl containing water, used in the tabernacle and temple for ceremonial cleansing called?

Hint: (1 Kings 7:38)

A- laver

B- menorah

C- showbread

D- archemy

5. Who was raped by her half brother Amnon? She was a daughter of David.

Hint: (2 Samuel 13:1-15)

A- Dinah

B- Leviticus

C- Tamar

D- Hannah

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